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The city of Františkovy Lázně

From our hotel, you can walk to the nearby spa town of Františkovy Lázně. The spa atmosphere is felt here at every step and compared to any other spa, it is absolutely unmistakable. For centuries, Františkovy Lázně has thus maintained its spa industry as its greatest gem, never becoming a busy town or an entertainment wellness center. Everything is focused on quality spa treatment and improving the health of everyone who visits Františkovy Lázně for this purpose.

World unique
Today, Františkovy Lázně is one of the most beautiful spa towns, in which its historical face and architecture have been preserved to a unique extent. It was not for nothing that they won the Most Beautiful Historic City of the Czech Republic award in 2005. At the same time, it also belongs to a group of 11 exceptional spa towns that have been nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage under the collective name Great spas of Europe. Along with such names as Baden-Baden, Bath or Vichy.

A city built of water
Františkovy Lázně clearly arose thanks to the fame of the healing springs, especially the oldest Františkovy spring. Rumors of the miraculous effects of the local water quickly spread throughout the empire, as did the clay bottles in which the water was originally sold and distributed far and wide. The city gradually from the end of the 18th century under the leadership of Dr. Adler grew into a renowned world spa. The year 1793, considered to be the founding date of the city, is crucial. Many scholarly sources mistakenly state that the town was originally called Kaiser Franzensdorf or Franzensbrunn. In reality, however, the current name of Františkovy Lázně was already determined by the court decree of April 27, 1793.

The first bog bath in the world
Yes, it was in Františkové Lázně that the healing effect of bog baths was discovered for mankind. And the historic building of Císařský lázně is the only place in the world where even today you can taste the beneficial effects of a bog bath according to the original Franciscan spa recipe. 80 kg of specially treated local bog is used for each individual bath.

Miracle salt
Together with the bog, healing springs were discovered in Františkovy Lázně more than 200 years ago. The most interesting, but far from the only one, is certainly the Glauber IV spring, which contains the most sodium sulfate decahydrate in the world. It has been known since the 17th century as Mirabilit or also as Glauber’s salt.

In Františkovy Lázně there are not only healing springs but also beautifully landscaped parks, take your time and go through them, you will certainly not regret it.

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