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Hotel Komorní hůrka, Komorní Dvůr 45, 350 02 Cheb, CZ
+420 354 429 700


Restaurant with terrace

We cook from quality ingredients

We cook all meals from fresh and seasonal ingredients. We will pick the herbs for your dishes right in our own garden. We offer excellent wine and beer. We get to know selected wines personally directly at the winery. We offer our guests a breakfast buffet, three-course dinners.

Hotel Komorní hůrka

You are guaranteed to choose from the delicacies of our Czech cuisine.

Komorní Hůrka

Your mind will be enchanted by our great offer of delicious meals.

Hotel Komorní hůrka

You can treat yourself to a siesta with good coffee and dessert.

Honest gastronomy

Quality and tradition

Honest Czech cuisine is characterized by its traditional recipes and the use of local ingredients. It is a cuisine that focuses on simplicity, taste and quality of food.

The use of fresh and high-quality ingredients is the cornerstone of quality gastronomy. Our chefs work with the best seasonal products and prefer local and traditional ingredients.

The hotel restaurant is tastefully furnished and offers a pleasant atmosphere.