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The city of Františkovy Lázně

From our hotel, you can walk to the nearby spa town of Františkovy Lázně. The spa atmosphere is felt here at every step and compared to any other spa, it is absolutely unmistakable. For centuries, Františkovy Lázně has thus maintained its spa industry as its greatest gem, never becoming a busy town or an entertainment wellness center. Everything is focused on quality spa treatment and improving the health of everyone who visits Františkovy Lázně for this purpose.

World unique
Today, Františkovy Lázně is one of the most beautiful spa towns, in which its historical face and architecture have been preserved to a unique extent. It was not for nothing that they won the Most Beautiful Historic City of the Czech Republic award in 2005. At the same time, it also belongs to a group of 11 exceptional spa towns that have been nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage under the collective name Great spas of Europe. Along with such names as Baden-Baden, Bath or Vichy.

A city built of water
Františkovy Lázně clearly arose thanks to the fame of the healing springs, especially the oldest Františkovy spring. Rumors of the miraculous effects of the local water quickly spread throughout the empire, as did the clay bottles in which the water was originally sold and distributed far and wide. The city gradually from the end of the 18th century under the leadership of Dr. Adler grew into a renowned world spa. The year 1793, considered to be the founding date of the city, is crucial. Many scholarly sources mistakenly state that the town was originally called Kaiser Franzensdorf or Franzensbrunn. In reality, however, the current name of Františkovy Lázně was already determined by the court decree of April 27, 1793.

The first bog bath in the world
Yes, it was in Františkové Lázně that the healing effect of bog baths was discovered for mankind. And the historic building of Císařský lázně is the only place in the world where even today you can taste the beneficial effects of a bog bath according to the original Franciscan spa recipe. 80 kg of specially treated local bog is used for each individual bath.

Miracle salt
Together with the bog, healing springs were discovered in Františkovy Lázně more than 200 years ago. The most interesting, but far from the only one, is certainly the Glauber IV spring, which contains the most sodium sulfate decahydrate in the world. It has been known since the 17th century as Mirabilit or also as Glauber’s salt.

In Františkovy Lázně there are not only healing springs but also beautifully landscaped parks, take your time and go through them, you will certainly not regret it.

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Cheb is not only the historical but also the cultural center of the region. The International FIJO Festival, the Cheb Organ Summer or the Valdštejn Festival are just some of the cultural events that you can visit.

Fine art lovers will be delighted by the Gallery of Fine Arts, while fans of photography will be catered for by Gallery G4, the regional gallery of photography.

The West Bohemian Theater of Cheb and its only professional theater group in the region, the Svoboda Cultural Center, the Cheb Castle, the Cheb Museum and the city library organize a whole range of events.

Interesting places and events take place all over the Karlovy Vary region, here is a small list,


FIJO is a large international festival of youth brass bands, which takes place every other year in the city of Cheb. The last festival took place in 2022 and it was already the 24th year. During each year, orchestras and dance groups from all over the world gather. The participation of local orchestras, which are often accompanied by majorettes, is a matter of course. In the past, for example, orchestras from Italy, Scotland, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and an orchestra from the Netherlands have taken part in the festival, which rides bikes the whole time during the performance. It is a big event that the whole city lives for its duration.

Wallenstein festivities

Another traditional festival held in the city of Cheb. Since 2013, the festivities have been held once every two years, alternating with the city’s other unique event, the FIJO music festival. The very first Valdštejnské festivities were organized in Cheb already in 1908. In a modified form, the festivities are still held today. The festivities last for 2 days, during which visitors have the opportunity to see a parade through the city, a historical market, reconstructions of battles and everyday life of Albrecht and members of his retinue and army.

Another interesting event

Theater of one actor
Cheb Christmas markets
Indian summer
Summer madness

Tips for trips in the area

Boheminium – miniatures from all over the Czech Republic in Mariánské Lázně

Park Boheminium offers an exhibition of more than 70 models of important landmarks from all over the country. There is also a model of Karlštejn, Ještěd or Bezděz castles. It ranks among the 5 largest miniature parks in Europe.

Soos National Nature Reserve – Czech Yellowstone

The Soos National Nature Reserve is located near Františkovy Lázně. It is an extensive peatland and bog, where a large number of mineral springs and pure carbon dioxide spring up in the so-called moffets. The educational trail leads along the bottom of a dry lake that had salt (mineral) water.

Papilonia butterfly house in the Diana complex in Karlovy Vary

The Papilonia butterfly house in the Diana complex in Karlovy Vary – this is a tropical garden with live butterflies from all over the world. You can watch all stages of their development in their natural environment, from egg to caterpillar and pupa to butterfly.

Mariánské lázně – singing fountain

The singing fountain is one of the landmarks of Mariánské Lázně. It plays daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every odd hour, at 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. including projection with colored lighting. The opening ceremony is on April 30 at 9 p.m., the end of operation is on October 31 at 8 p.m.

This is just a small list of cultural events and places in our region that are worth visiting. Come and let yourself be drawn into the atmosphere of the wonderful Wallenstein festivities or dance to the rhythm of brass music at the FIJO festival. Whatever you decide, our hotel is a great place for discovering the beauty of the Karlovy Vary region.

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Local cycling routes are often off-road and you can breathe in the fresh air. Visit the Seeberg castle in Ostroh, the castle in Staré Rybník, the castle in Skalná and, of course, Chebský hrad, the castle in Libá or the famous Maria Loreto pilgrimage site in Staré Hroznatov. Bicycle rental 200 CZK/day, scooter 150 CZK/day.


Come hit the hole on one of the youngest and, we dare say, the most beautiful courses in the Czech Republic. 18 sportingly challenging holes await you in the charming landscape of the protected natural area of the Ohře basin. Our partner for golf stays is Golf Resort Františkovy Lázně. According to visitors’ feedback, the playground is among the best in the country, but also in the area of the Czech-German border. Use the more distant courses: Golf Club Sokolov, Astoria Golf Club Cihelny, Golf Resort Karlovy Vary, Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně.


It doesn’t matter if you can hold the racket correctly. Even an amateur “match” will benefit your body. We have our own tennis courts which are available to you as guests free of charge. If you are not a guest, you can also play. 150 CZK/hour is paid.

Nordic walking

Take your wands and go. Stretch your body in the surrounding nature. With the help of special wands, you can also engage the upper half of the body. Nordic walking is a natural human movement with positive effects on health. We will lend you chopsticks for 100 CZK/day.


None of the above interested you, we have a tip for you. The sports complex of the town of Chebu Krajinka on the left bank of the Ohře is intended for recreational and sports use. There is an athletics stadium with sports equipment rental, an outdoor floorball court, beach volleyball courts, a basketball court, a skate park, and a rope center. There are also multi-purpose sports grounds on a flat area by the Ohři river. This is a track for petangue or table tennis. You can also play lazy tennis, badminton, frisbee or other physical activities on the adjacent grassy meadow. The picnic meadow is also very popular here. A space designed primarily for relaxation and comfortable use of visitors’ free time. It is located near the skate park (access via a wooden footbridge over the river below Cheb Castle). In addition to a grassy meadow where people can enjoy their picnic on a blanket, there are also 3 large grills installed, which are freely available to visitors.

Františkovy Lázně Aquaforum

Pleasantly warm water in pools and hot tubs, plus fun on the toboggan and much more. All this awaits you at Aquafor in Františkovy Lázně, in the world of water and relaxation, where you can relax, play sports and enjoy time with children and family regardless of the whims of the weather . All this in several indoor and outdoor pools with water attractions. Visitors can enjoy swimming pools with a minimum water temperature of 30-32 °C, water wall massage, air massage benches, air bubbles, hot springs or even a sauna for relaxation. There is also an indoor whirlpool, a year-round outdoor whirlpool and a water cave. There is an outdoor children’s playground and swimming pool for smaller children, and a toboggan and slides for older children. Sportsmen can use outdoor beach volleyball. You can refresh yourself in the snack bar or in the restaurant.

If you are active sportsmen or just looking for some sports activities for you or your children, the surroundings of our hotel offer many possibilities.

The Komorní Hůrka hotel team



The nature around the hotel seems almost untouched by humans. There is also a volcano near the hotel – no longer active. Therefore, regular eruptions of the volcano do not take place. The boundary of the Komorní hůrka national natural monument directly passes through the hotel building. All you have to do is step down from the summer terrace and you will enter a protected area with a volcano pit.

Františkovy Lázně is an ideal place for regenerating the body, relaxing and regaining strength. The city has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since July 2021. In Františkovy Lázný you can taste the healing springs: Františkův, Nový, Solný, Lužní, Palliardi, Železný, Stanislav, Luisin, Glauber I, II, III, IV, Sluneční, Natáliin, Štěpánka, Žofiin, Kostelní. For example, discover the beauty of nature in the Amerika forest park, which directly connects to the Franciscan spa parks, or go to the nearby Soos national nature reserve, which is completely unique in Europe. This vast peatland with a number of mineral springs is rightly called the Czech Yellowstone Park.

When visiting Františkovy Lázně, it is worth going to its surroundings. One of the places that guarantees a pleasant trip is Seeberg Castle, which is located approximately 6.5 km west of the city. It deserves to be said that it is one of the most visited places around Frantovek. And no wonder, the history of the castle dates back to the 12th century and is related to the development of the Holy Roman Empire at that time. Today the castle serves as a museum and offers extensive exhibitions presenting the history of the castle, the development of interiors and furniture creation in the 19th century (Empire, Biedermeier, Second Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Chippendale), famous Cheb inlaid furniture and the history of porcelain production in Western Bohemia.

The city of Cheb is also worth mentioning, which is a great destination for all lovers of history, architecture and memorable places. Ideal for pedestrians and cyclists. Cheb is not only the historical but also the cultural center of the region. FIJO International Festival of Youth Wind Orchestras, the exhibition of artistic projects “Chebské dvorky”, the Chebské organ summer or the Valdštejnské slavnosti, these are just some of the cultural events that you can visit.

Fine art lovers will be delighted by the Gallery of Fine Arts, while fans of photography will be catered for by Gallery G4, the regional gallery of photography.

The West Bohemian Theater of Cheb and its only professional theater group in the region, the Svoboda Cultural Center, the Cheb Castle, the Cheb Museum and the city library organize a whole range of events.

There are many interesting places in the vicinity of our hotel that are worth exploring, no matter which of the places you choose from our selection, you will certainly not leave disappointed.

The Komorní Hůrka hotel team