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The nature around the hotel seems almost untouched by humans. There is also a volcano near the hotel – no longer active. Therefore, regular eruptions of the volcano do not take place. The boundary of the Komorní hůrka national natural monument directly passes through the hotel building. All you have to do is step down from the summer terrace and you will enter a protected area with a volcano pit.

Františkovy Lázně is an ideal place for regenerating the body, relaxing and regaining strength. The city has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since July 2021. In Františkovy Lázný you can taste the healing springs: Františkův, Nový, Solný, Lužní, Palliardi, Železný, Stanislav, Luisin, Glauber I, II, III, IV, Sluneční, Natáliin, Štěpánka, Žofiin, Kostelní. For example, discover the beauty of nature in the Amerika forest park, which directly connects to the Franciscan spa parks, or go to the nearby Soos national nature reserve, which is completely unique in Europe. This vast peatland with a number of mineral springs is rightly called the Czech Yellowstone Park.

When visiting Františkovy Lázně, it is worth going to its surroundings. One of the places that guarantees a pleasant trip is Seeberg Castle, which is located approximately 6.5 km west of the city. It deserves to be said that it is one of the most visited places around Frantovek. And no wonder, the history of the castle dates back to the 12th century and is related to the development of the Holy Roman Empire at that time. Today the castle serves as a museum and offers extensive exhibitions presenting the history of the castle, the development of interiors and furniture creation in the 19th century (Empire, Biedermeier, Second Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Chippendale), famous Cheb inlaid furniture and the history of porcelain production in Western Bohemia.

The city of Cheb is also worth mentioning, which is a great destination for all lovers of history, architecture and memorable places. Ideal for pedestrians and cyclists. Cheb is not only the historical but also the cultural center of the region. FIJO International Festival of Youth Wind Orchestras, the exhibition of artistic projects “Chebské dvorky”, the Chebské organ summer or the Valdštejnské slavnosti, these are just some of the cultural events that you can visit.

Fine art lovers will be delighted by the Gallery of Fine Arts, while fans of photography will be catered for by Gallery G4, the regional gallery of photography.

The West Bohemian Theater of Cheb and its only professional theater group in the region, the Svoboda Cultural Center, the Cheb Castle, the Cheb Museum and the city library organize a whole range of events.

There are many interesting places in the vicinity of our hotel that are worth exploring, no matter which of the places you choose from our selection, you will certainly not leave disappointed.

The Komorní Hůrka hotel team