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Spa & wellness

Spa & Wellness of the Komorní Hůrka hotel

Relaxation for your body and mind

And enjoy relaxation and rehabilitation to the fullest. Immerse yourself in the warm pool, which will pamper you with massage jets, a whirlpool bench, a geyser and a strong counter current. Or use the whirlpool for up to 8 people, where you are guaranteed to relax.

Are you longing to rest in peace and alone? Alone, as a couple or for a maximum of four people – the private whirlpool is here for you.

Our saunas are unique and form part of the pool area. The Finnish sauna is made of the highest quality processed cedar, the steam bath is perfectly clean and with fragrant essence. The herbal sauna, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, is completely unique. When you visit it, you can bask as if you were sitting behind a warm oven.

You inhale the aroma of selected herbs and enjoy the special charm of this cozy space. Showering with tropical rain between visits to individual cabins will relax you perfectly. Part of the spa & wellness center is also a fitness facility where you can work out.

Hotel Komorní hůrka is a full-fledged non-state medical facility. Our balneo center is fully equipped for rehabilitation and convalescence, especially for musculoskeletal, heart and vascular diseases. We have special equipment for pearl, carbon, galvanic, whirlpool, sedative and peat baths as well as underwater massages, but also for a whole range of other healing and relaxing procedures – classic and special massages, bog and gas wraps, diadynamic, gas injections, laser, electrotherapy , ultrasound and cosmetics. The balneo center is run by experienced professional doctors and a team of medical and rehabilitation staff.

Hotel Komorní hůrka

Wellness center equipment

Modern balneo center



Private hot tub in privacy (for max. 4 people)