„Unique spa and wellness hotel
in Goethe's favorite place for relaxation.“




Conferences, Training, Seminars, Sports Events

Komorní hůrka Hotel offers excellent facilities for group events. Capacity for up to 45 participants.

The hotel restaurant has two separate sections, one of which may be dedicated to event participants, providing them with the needed privacy.

An LCD display is available.


Sparta Prague Intensive Training

How did the Sparta players feel at our hotel?

"Our expectations of an optimal facility were met to the fullest here. We found excellent conditions for regeneration, and working with the local people is a pleasure. What’s more, a superior field is located nearby.

It is crucial for us to be in a peaceful environment, where players are not distracted. In short, it is the perfect place for hard work and getting back in shape," says trainer Jozef Chovanec in praise of Komorní hůrka.

Wella Company Training

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